Saturday, June 19, 2021

Campaign Finances

Politics today seems to be reserved for the people that can afford it. It is prohibitively expensive. The barriers to break into the game are too high. How can The People be represented if one of their own can't afford it?

Running a campaign effectively these days requires me to hire a campaign manager, a financial accountant, and a promotional advisor.

Now, if I'm doing what I'm supposed to, I have to buy all sorts of email and address lists from companies that are only in business because campaigns are big business. The other option is I to find some rich person or business with an agenda or a favor that they will expect to be returned when I win.

I have a job, I can't quit it to run for Mayor. But if I don't go after this full time people won't think I'm a serious candidate. Or maybe people think that I'm not qualified because I can't go after it full time.

I think that's a problem. I shouldn't have to start a "business" in order to run for office. It's time to let The People back into the game. 

My pledge to you is that I won't ask you for your money, I don't want it. I don't want you to donate to my campaign. I'll have some promotional materials available soon that you can download and use, or you go get it printed and made from a business in Provo so you can support them. I ask for a social media post, a referral, a conversation. If I'm worthy of your vote let me be worthy of your voice on my behalf.

This is something I plan to take with me into office. I want Provoans to keep their money so they can spend it how they see fit. If I can find ways to save money, reduce spending while still providing the same quality of city services, I will do that. I'll go as far and commit that I will donate 10% of my Mayoral salary each year to local causes. It's your money. 


Unknown said...

It is refreshing to read your perspective. I can tell that this is more than rhetoric from you. I appreciate your candor.

Anonymous said...

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