Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Investing in Provo

There's something about ownership that changes you in a good way. When a thing becomes yours, it somehow has more intrinsic value than it did before even if it's worth the same as it was before, you care about it more. It's happened to me on several occasions.  

When I became a season ticket holder for Real Salt Lake in 2010, I went from fan to fam. I felt like I became a part of the team in some weird way, part of the culture. I went from a causal observing sports fan to suddenly having a vested interest in the club. I didn't expect it at all. Now, at the beginning of each season I greet the other long time season ticket holders that sit around me, catch up with them, celebrate being back. It really is like seeing family again!  

I was golfing at Timponogos Golf Club a couple of weeks ago talking to a couple of guys I was paired with about this concept. One of them grew up in Springville but has a business in Provo and moved here a while back. He agreed that he needed to invest in Provo now that he has a house and business here. This was a concept that rang true to him.

I feel like this principle needs to be applied in our city. We may not all be able to own a house or a car or a business within Provo but we can still invest in Provo. We can take ownership of where we choose to call Home.

I think this will be a transformative process for Provo. No matter what we choose to invest in, whether it be a favorite restaurant, getting to know your neighbors better, a flower shop, music venue, a specific park you like to visit, a bike route, we can take ownership of those things and care for and about them in a way we didn't before. 

If we all find a piece of Provo that we can make our own and care for it in a way we haven't in the past, you will see Provo change. When you pick up some trash on the river trail, lend a helping hand, stow a random grocery cart in the parking lot, hold a door open, treat a stranger with dignity and kindness, Provo truly will be a place where we can say, Welcome Home, and it will feel that way.

This is something that I am going to try to do and improve upon whether I am elected or not. It needs to happen. I hope to lead by example. I will be vocal, I will advocate for taking ownership in our city in a way that hasn't been done before. We all need to feel at home here. I pledge to work for all of Provo. If you have an idea on how to make Provo a better place to live, I want to hear about it. I promise to be available. 

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