Tuesday, October 11, 2016

On: Immigration

I'd like to see legal immigration happen at a much faster rate than it is happening. My tax plan would eliminate a huge piece of the the IRS. I want to retrain any of those IRS agents that would accept it to move them to the immigration side of government operation. The line to become a US citizen is far too long. I think that is one of the major reasons we have so much illegal immigration. No one can wait 12 years in limbo. That is unacceptable. We need more lines that are shorter!

My goal would to strictly vet all those who wish to enter the US and stay to become citizens. Full and comprehensive background checks. Social media, known associates, family history, etc. We will make sure, the best we can, that these people are sincere in their desires. But we have to move the line faster.

* We should secure our border as best we can. If that means more personnel in the southern states, so be it. More cameras. More drones. (Maybe use some of the drones that are killing innocent people in Syria to protect our borders instead creating a new generation of people that hate us because we blew up their family.)

* We need to be more vigilant in keeping track of those on visas. We do a really bad job.

As for refugees. Let's take on our fair share. Let's keep close track of where they are and what they are doing.

I'd prefer to have Syrians stay in Syria. They may appreciate that too. I think we could set up safe zones in these war torn countries instead of trying to bring them all to the US or sending them other places. Let's leave them in Syria, for example. But let us create a safe city, a secured, occupied area that is for all those who are trying to flee the wars and genocide happening. We will work in conjunction with those governments for regimes who want peace and safety. We will defend these areas with our military. We will not look to occupy that country of force a government leadership upon them. We are simply there to protect the innocent.

This kind of policy will create better relationships with hostile countries because they will know we are there to protect refugees in their own country not to kill who ever we think is that "bad guy" that day. Shoot, while we are there we can train and teach them skills that can improve their lives. Medicine, agriculture, business, science. We can help them go back to a country where they will be able to improve it and make it a better place.

This could be an expensive proposition, yes. But is it more expensive than war? Let's put ourselves to work to make the world a better place in a different way than regime change.

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