Saturday, June 18, 2016

On: Foreign Policy

I'm going to sound naive. I'm going to sound wishful. Some will think this is completely ridiculous, I'm well aware, but what about love and kindness and a willingness to lift a person up instead of passing by with a blind eye.  Maybe it is the Christian upbringing in me, and actually believing in some of those teachings, but I believe a little bit of love can go a long way. Here locally as well as abroad.

Doesn't this hilarious yet accurate meme represent the attitude of so many of us in America and around the world? Apathy. We just don't care...about anything. "This *insert a "newsworthy" event here* doesn't concern me so I don't care," attitude we carry is harmful.

The problem is, with all the crime, the mass shootings, the bickering between Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, the news media reporting all the bad things that go on ad nauseam; the world becomes a hard, careless place. A place where we, as individuals, can't or don't think we can make a difference.

Well I think we can.

This isn't exactly foreign policy but it definitely is related. This is a shift in thinking. This would be my hope as President: That we as a nation of individuals with different beliefs and backgrounds would be able to come together to be a better example to those around us. That we could work with ALL nations of the earth to build it up together so that more people can benefit from the greatness of mankind.

If we decided to talk to our neighbors, wave at them when we pass, care a little bit more, grow even one single f*ck  in our field, think of the difference it would make. Imagine not getting upset about the little things, like long bank or grocery store lines, traffic, not having the WiFi password.  What if our first reaction was to build up instead of complain or criticize or berate? What if we looked to help instead of hinder?

I am going to try harder. 

This idea, the mentality of loving and helping, this shift in thinking is where my foreign policy kicks in. The world is becoming a terrible place, if it isn't considered that already by many. Evil is closing in from all corners. I can only look to the past and make the best, informed decisions I can with the information I have. Needless to say, I don't have access to a Clinton server so I don't have a lot of the "inside information" I'd be privy to if I did! ZING!

I know that our past of nation building and removing one bad guy for a different kind of bad guy hasn't worked. Maybe that has been the most profitable avenue for those in power in the past. I have no doubt boat loads of money was made by political insiders doing business with our government. But I don't believe in nation building or regime change.

At some point in our history we became a bully country. We push people around. We do what we think is best for these other countries. We want them to be like us because we are so big and powerful and great. That isn't what we SHOULD be about though. We should be about helping more.

Let us check our egos at the door and decide to work with each other. I want Russia to be a better Russia, Iran to be the best Iran it can be. I want the people of Venezuela to be happier and to have the things they need to build better lives!

I believe if an under developed country needs farming equipment or irrigation technology or renewable energy sources, our government can help to provide that. I don't believe in handing over billions of dollars to a foreign government and telling them, "Spend this on good things!"  That's just silly.

Deep down I believe in discourse. I would meet with leaders of all nations. I would talk to them and get to the core of what they want, what they need. I like to think that a discussion could lead to understanding, from understanding to problem solving and on to real that enrich lives all across the globe.
I don't want to be involved in wars.

I don't want our troops in harms way if we can help it.

I believe in defending our inalienable rights, our property, our families.

I believe we need to find the line between security and privacy.

I believe in a strong national defense but I would look to find places to trim spending in that area.

I would like to give our troops a raise.

I would look for ways to become more efficient with our technology and spending.

I think we should have a strong military but not a bloated one.

If we can learn to love our neighbors a bit more think of the sweeping changes we could make globally. The money we spend on fighting we can spend on building. That is the goal.

So please, go to your fields, till the soil, plant your seeds, water them, and find your field bursting with f*cks to give. And then the most important part is to then actually GIVE A F*CK.

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