Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Welcome Me Back

I'm going for it! I'm an official write in candidate for the US Senate seat in Utah.

I don't have a party to run with but that's because I don't affiliate solely with a single party. I find things to identify with throughout the political spectrum. I'm more of a Centrist than anything.

Let me breakdown what I'm about for you very simply.

  • I think we can simplify our federal government. There are  many things that are so impractical, so convoluted, that we are impaired to make any real progress to help make the USA a better country.
    • Taxes. I posted about simplifying the tax code years ago. I'm willing to work out the numbers since that was 7 years ago when I initially wrote it. Regardless, the idea is sound and suddenly it seems to be a real hot button issue, especially among the Republican party. 
    • Archaic Laws. I read an article that stated Americans commit 3 felonies a day with out even knowing it. Seems absurd. I would like to review all the laws on the books to see where we can simplify them, rewrite, delete them. I would urge all states to do the same.
  • Foreign Aid - It seems to me like we give a lot of money away to other countries. I'd just like to make sure that the money we give away is being used appropriately. If it is designated for HIV/AIDS prevention, how is it being used? If a country needs help creating industry or food then let's provide equipment and know how. 
  • Military Spending - Yes, I believe we need to keep our country safe. But can't we do it more efficiently? Are we using the money we have for the military in the best possible way? I think we can clean up the spending there. I know this is vague, but we can do it better.
  • Immigration - I'd like to keep it strictly legal. I think the biggest factor in why people come illegally is because the process is so arduous and long. Can we not speed it up?  Have you ever been to a grocery store and they have 18 lanes but only 4 of them are open? That's what it feels like.  If we simplify the tax code we won't need as many IRS workers.  There just won't be enough work for them. We could retrain the ones who want to be retrained and not laid off to work in the Immigration department. Open up more lanes. If people want to come to this country, and it is obvious they do, let's speed up the process so the option to do it legally is more enticing for them.  Plus, it increases the tax base more quickly because legal workers pay taxes.
There's a few things to kick it all off with. I want people to know that I am not close minded. I want to hear ideas from all sides.  There is room to work together to find a better solution. It is rarely one side that has all the answers. 

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Barbara T. Raminez said...

This is really amazing news for the people of Utah as they will certainly get a better senator within time and you are really welcome and we hope all of the Government Grants will be fulfil afterwards.