Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Decision - 2012

I woke up this morning and everything is the exact same. People need to stop all the hate and dejection and go make the best of whatever the situation has left you with. The person that is President does not define what this Country will become. We The People make that choice. Adapt. Thrive. Prosper.

That said, there is a shift that needs to happen.  There is an opportunity to alter the way things are done and handled in this Country.  Democrats and Republicans are soul searching right now.  How far and how hard left and right will they pull?  There is a center that is being under served whose voice are not being heard, whose ideal are being rejected.  What can be done about this?

The answer may no longer be a in a 2 party system but a 3 party system that gobbles up the middle.  This party is the one that speaks to those who have moderate feelings toward social issues.  They feel like the government should balance the budget, not run high deficits and spend money appropriately.  They think our country should be safe but that we shouldn't be wasting money frivolously on defense.  These people do not want war but will fight if the need is there to defend the rights and liberties they have grown up with.  They understand the need of Social Security and other entitlements but also know that the current system is not effective and there are better ways to do it.

They want to feel safe but not coddled.  There is a role for government in their lives but it is not a central role.  They have views that adapt and change over time.  They have families, jobs, and hobbies they want to pursue.  These people want to work and work hard so they can live lives that bring fulfillment and security.

This group of Americans doesn't identify with the right or the left.  They hold positions and views that incorporate ideals from both sides.  They want to see progress, they want to see people work together to get things done.

Is this the time for a real 3rd party to take a spot at the table. A fusion of Red and Blue. It is a hybrid that brings the best ideas of both parties and leaves the crazy behind. It is not a idea but a new way to identify. The Coalition.

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