Thursday, September 27, 2012

Presidential Debates

These things usually just turn out like the commercials the parties run against each other.  Fortunately I live in a state where there aren't many political ads because every one know Utah's Electoral Votes are going to Mitt.

All I want is real talk.  You don't need to bash the other guy to win points.  You don't need to point out the problems.  Give me solutions. Don't butter it up.  Tell it like it is.  Don't waste my time saying how big of a failure the other guy is.

People respond well to honesty, to motive, to sincerity, to plans, to specifics.  Give me YOUR plan. Give me YOUR perspective.  Give me YOUR vision. In a world of soundbites give me THE WHOLE STORY.

The fact of the matter is that if we want to fix the economy and right this Country EVERYONE is going to have to make sacrifices.  Its not about any %'er.  47, 99 or 1.  We will all need to make cuts in areas we would rather not.  Social Security and Medicare/aid need to be fixed.  Its just a reality.

I realize we can't please everyone all the time.  Its just not possible.  But if I know ONE single thing about America and Americans: They will work together and struggle together to make this country a better place.

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