Friday, August 24, 2012

On Mitt's Taxes

I'm still trying to figure out why it matters. Dude is paying taxes he has to pay and if he can find loopholes and ways to not pay because the government created tax laws are confusing bloated and out of date then more power to him.

Bernackie or what ever that fool's name is(Geithner), is Secretary of the Treasury and he owed/owes $250,000+ in taxes and he still has a job. You know what would happen to me if I owed that much? I'd be in JAIL. Why are you going to complain or be concerned about how much SOMEONE ELSE pays...especially if they are doing it legally. Again as it was pointed out, 50% of Americans don't even pay taxes so why should I care about a guy paying millions of dollars of taxes? Total double standard.

Its the government's fault. If you can follow the tax code and end up not having to pay taxes, then I don't think it is dishonest. I have a sister that got into coupons. She once worked it so the store OWED HER $3.50 after buying nearly $20 of stuff. So she got all that stuff for free and 3 bucks back. Is there anything wrong with that? HELL NO! Want rich people to pay more taxes? Fix the tax code.

This tax code crap is as stupid at the people that want Obama's birth certificate. That dude may not even be a citizen, or got into college because he was a foreign exchange student. But his records are sealed for some reason. 

So would you rather have Obama raise taxes or Romney reduce them? And last time I checked Romney didn't write the tax code nor did he vote for it as a member of Congress.From what he is saying, he adhered to it which seems to be the most that is expected of anyone.

I don't see the reasoning behind complaining about a rule or law that doesn't exist. If his willingness to not release his tax records is a big enough issue to not vote for him them don't. I am sure his people have calculated not getting your vote already.

Mitt knew he was running for President after he lost in 2008. You think in 2009/10 when he was getting with his accountants and in the midst of preparing his bid to run for President he was like, "Hey, let's not pay taxes on all my income. I bet if we shelter some of my earnings people won't care or won't find out. I don't foresee this being a problem when I win the RNC nomination and people start digging. I will just not release them to the public."

Plus, if there was an issue of legal nature couldn't the IRS open an investigation into whether or not there is actually something wrong being done?

The real issue is why do people think Romney would try to shaft the American people out of prosperity, success and freedom?

I could fix the tax code with a single piece of paper. Corporate tax of 20% and a individual rate at 15% on all income over $30K. No deductions, no tax breaks, no accountants, reduce gov spending on the IRS! Incentive to make more because you keep more on the basis that you feel it less. No more loopholes. Everyone, except the poor, contributes to the overall welfare of our society. You can also project realistic budgets based on total tax revenue which would allow to regulate Government spending better. Someone would actually be able to pass a budget! 

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