Saturday, February 25, 2012

Being Something More

They say this is the land of opportunity. They say that you can grow up to be anything you want to be. They say that this is the Land of the Free, the Home of the Brave.

I believe it.

I see it every day when I go to work.  People are getting educated, pursuing careers, working jobs with hopes to make it in life.  People want to succeed.  People want to have enough. People want to be comfortable. People want to be happy and they want to have free time to spend it doing the things they love with the people they love.

I have seen people with nothing, come from nothing and become great; some even became wealthy. Not all the successful people I have seen in life have struck it rich.  In fact, that was never a priority for them.  I think that is what makes this country special.  We can use our talents, skills and knowledge as much or as little as we want to.  This freedom, the freedom to act on our desires, is what opens and closes doors.  The people who make it are the one who WANT to make it. They don't stand by, they don't do the bare minimum, they don't take, take, take. They do. They ACT.

It is these doers that have made this country a great one.  Let's face it, this country is great!  It is special.  It is the salt of the Earth. It is a promised land.

But many of us take it for granted.  Some times we don't realize how fortunate we are.  How blessed our lives are because of where we live.  I know that many of us struggle to make ends meet. I know I do. But what do we do with our resources? How do we use our time? Are we making things happen for ourselves or are we letting things happen to us?

This place, of all the places on the earth, allows us the freedoms to become something. But only if we want it badly enough.  I know it sounds grandiose and flippant. What about the rent? What about the car payment? What about the diapers for my baby?  For every person that complains about their situation there is another that made the choices to advance their lives instead of stay still.  How many stories have you heard about a guy that flipped the burgers now owns several chains?  How a bout a pilot that is now the CEO? The people here have it in them to become something if they want it.

I feel like there is so much going on in the world today, so much in our lives, that it sometimes feels almost impossible to do anything but maintain and get by.  But that isn't the spirit that made this country great.  What makes this country great is the opportunity and belief that you actually CAN do something great.  Look at Apple, Facebook, Marriott.  These all started as ideas and grew into so much more.

I think it is time that We, the People, understand what our freedoms can do for us.  That if we decide to work and make a life for ourselves that everyone will be better off.  Look to provide an opportunity for someone to work, to find a job, to contribute to society and we will all find ourselves in a better America.

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