Saturday, August 6, 2011

More than a Crisis

The thing I want everyone to take away from this fiasco is that all the talk of our tremendous debt between the right and left was nothing more than a pissing contest between parties. They fought just to fight, not for results, not for what is best for THE PEOPLE but for them. They voted for what they thought would give them the best chance to get re-elected.

In the end what happened? Nothing. The debt crisis was "averted" and "spending" was "cut." In fact, no actual cuts were made. It was all cuts in spending that might have taken place in the future. If the federal government was my pocketbook this is what would have happened:

I am in debt. LOTS OF DEBT let's call it $10 Million. So in order for me to not default on my loans and telling my creditors that I can't pay my debts I ask them to increase the limit of money I can borrow. In order to do this I have to show good faith that I am changing my ways. So what do I do? I tell them, "Look I have plans to buy the Bugatti Veyron, it's about $1.5 million. Instead of buying that I am going to buy the new Lambo which will only run me $300K."

My plans are to reduce my spending but what does that really say? Its says instead of cutting ACTUAL spending which would do a lot more good immediately, I will consider reducing future spending a little. I need a car to get around right? Show me a sane person in a lot of debt that would do something like move from a rented townhouse to a mansion in order to save money?

Guess what happened, we didn't default but our credit rating still dropped. I think it is time that we start holding our "leaders" accountable for this mess. The only way Washington can and will change is if we hold their feet to the fire and force them to be accountable.

And since I am not the type of person to just say we need to change stuff and then not offer any suggestions, here are a few.
1) Fix the tax code - zero deductions, zero loopholes, zero incentives.
a) The reason capitalism works is because the markets will produce what the people will buy. Government is standing in the way of industry because government is telling industry what areas to focus on.
b) I talked to someone that said, what is the point of doing the work I have to do to earn another $100,000 if I only get to get $35,000 of it? When it becomes someone's prerogative to NOT make money because the payoff isn't worth the work that goes into it, the tax code needs to be examined.
2) Social Security - Privatize it for everyone who wants to manage their own money. Money still comes out of your check and goes into an account, your account with your investments. The Government can provide a few options for you if you have not idea what you are doing. One thing if for sure, this Ponzi Scheme needs to end. I think we can even give people the option to pay. If people want their money now they can have it.
3) Welfare - I don't think people should be able to collect free money for not working. If you are offered a job and turn it down because you make more on welfare than you would at that job welp, sorry. Your benefits end when your options open. We can save a lot of money if we don't just give it to people for no reason.
4)Stop Electing the same people that do the same things over and over and over.

I won't get into the healthcare issue right now because frankly, in 8 years, who knows what will happen. Things may be so far out of my control by that point I won't have many options.

All I really know is that if you start working with the kind of people that want RESULTS not REELECTION you get both. Make it happen. Don't forget to Donate.

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