Monday, December 14, 2009

The Answer!

If I am going to run for Governor of Utah I need to come up with some ideas and plans that will help this State in these difficult financial times. Spending has been cut to the minimums from what I understand and now programs that are deemed to be 'less necessary' are suffering. Our schools are out of money and its no wonder that our students are going to be the casualties of this.

My solution is to start a State Lottery. As unpopular as it may be with the local LDS population I believe it is the best choice to boost state income and give it to school districts, teachers, and students.

Here is why it is so great. It is basically a voluntary tax. Only the people that want to play the lotto will play it. There is no coercion involved. If you don't believe in it then don't buy a ticket.

The State benefits from taking a portion of each lotto transaction and putting it in an account that can be used specifically for schools and state higher education colleges and universities. My idea is that each school district will get a percentage of the income based on their student population. Bigger districts get more money. Duh.

There is a start up cost but that would be paid off quickly with the income. It will be a self sustaining, perpetual income to the State. This isn't a new idea. Other States have done this and found great success. You can protest the idea but all you really doing is saying that you don't want our children and young adults to get a worthwhile education. Heaven forbid we give the schools money to provide better supplies, facilities and teachers. I think this is the fastest and most effective way to do it.

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