Thursday, March 5, 2009

Worries Abound

In the days ahead there lies uncertainty and worry for most of us. As jobs seem to disappear daily and as government spending explodes, we are certainly justified in our cause for concern. As the stock market crumbles and we face mortgage failures, we are fearful of what is in store for our great Country.

I urge each of you to be heard. I think it is time we united ourselves in the cause of freedom. If we sit idly by we may lose everything we have. That reality is closer to some of us than is comfortable. I feel your pain and worry.

Do you feel powerless? Watching things happen, decisions being made that directly affect you and you can’t do anything to stop it. Well, all I can say is that the majority voted these people into power. If things go as badly as some think, we have only ourselves to blame. We, the People, voted for this. Now it is our responsibility to tell the people we voted for to act in OUR best interests not their own. We need to let our leaders know that there is no “Next Term” if you don’t satisfy OUR demands. Do what is best for US. We chose you to represent US.

If we continue to vote for people that don’t honestly care about us then we deserve the failures and the problems that come because of those people. We are not powerless. Speak and be heard.

As your President I will do my best to listen to We, the People. I want insight and feedback. I want to create an environment where the people can live a life with out the interference of government. I want to provide a vehicle that allows We, the People, to flourish and be the greatest nation on the Earth.

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