Tuesday, November 11, 2008


This is the venue where I will start my campaign for the Presidency of the United States. 2016, I will be turning 36. Add me to your blogging lists, donate to the Campaign! Start now, you have 8 years! (All money received will actually be used to further my campaign and make the public aware. Never will there be an impropriety or mismanagement of funds.)

Let me tell you about my political self. I am politically unaffiliated. I have republican, democratic, green, libertarian, constitutional, and independent thoughts and beliefs. I believe in doing what is best and what is right for our Country. You will see, as these posts continue, where I stand on the issues.

I will not and do not cater to special interests. I won't be bought and can't be sold. I will take anyone's money who is willing to give it to help my campaign. If the KKK, Black Panthers, Big Oil or Tobacco, the NRA, Al Gore, Kobe Bryant, Saudi Arabian Princes, Iranians, Hollywood actors, P. Diddy, Carrie Underwood, Charles Schwab, Harry Saks, Greg Luganis, Ellen, Oprah, Seinfeld, or family and friends want to give me money I will take it. Don't expect me to cater to any demands.

I'm not crazy or radical. I'm decent, logical, determined, and sensible. I do well to educate myself. I am not too prideful to ask for help or understanding. If I don't know the answer I will tell you that. Then I will go and search for it.

If you have any questions ask away. My policies are subject to change, according to what I think is best for this great Country and its wonderful people.


Mardi and Jeremey said...

Okay, just as a starting point, I need to know your stance on abortions: Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

The Deans said...

so you will happily take money from the KKK, as long as they dont think you give them any favors?
One other question. What Libertarian Party views to you agree with? What politcal office will you run for first to give you neccessary experience?